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We help developers make their real-estate offering more attractive while saving on the energy infrastructure costs.
Financial benefits during whole life-cycle
We increase attractiveness of new projects,
while lowering financial requirements and human resource intensity.
Developer's investment savings
13 mil.Kč
Attractiveness-connected higher sales
Complete delivery from blueprint, through construction, to operation
Fullfillment of 2030 ecological limits already today
Illustrative based on past project and selected appartment
Energy center
Heat, cooling and electricity are all generated on-site. Energies are backed-up at the same time. Community solution helps to take advantage of economies of scale.
Network infrastructure
Local network distributes energies to individual houses. Network infrastructure is based on modern technologies to maximize efficiency.
Modern house connection
Each appartment or row-house is directly connected to the distribution grid, eliminating costly transfer infrastructure. Meter readings are remote, including also management of security elements.
We make the design
We supply complete energy design of the platform and adapt it to new location.
We contract construction and financing
Construction and financing of the whole platform is delivered as a turn-key solution. We take care of the whole process, including all approvals.
We generate and supply energy
GRIDEO generates and supplies energy, takes care of regular maintenance and infrastructure renewal.
Proven solution
Similar solution successfully operated for more than a year.

Proven technologies with wide spectrum of service companies.
Financially benefitial
Developer's costs are lower than with traditional local solution.
Customer attractiveness
Significantly higher customer comfort increases attractiveness of the appartment / row-house (especially availability of cooling in all appartments).

Customer operational costs are same or lower compared to traditional local solution.
Complete solution
Developer gains a comprehensive turn-key solution, we take care of everything. We start with adaptation of proven platform design, obtain all necessary approvals, construct and finance whole infrastructure and finaly, operate the infrastructure in the future.
Modern, ecological
Highly efficient generation of electricity and heat.

Central and de-central operation with the option of island operation.

Fulfillment of strict emission limits.
Electric vehicles
Possibility to prepare EV charging points with subsequent connection to generation.

We do not need a lengthy construction process usual for traditional distributors.
Comfort for every day.
Kompletní energie
Heat, cooling, and electricity together for full comfort of living.
Výhodná cena
Ecological energy generation close to consumption ensures every-day favorable prices.
Informovanost, přehled
Continuous overview of up-to-date consumption without surprises. Recommendation for energy consumption optimization.
Energy supply without blackouts and limitations.
Moderní technologie
Smart meters, individual tariffs, fiber-optic internet, ...
Ready for EV charging right from the beginning.

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