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for appartment houses

Ecological heat and cooling offering high comfort
leveraging solar power
Free consultation
Initial evaluation of benefits tailored for your appartment building
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2 weeks
Fast installation with minimal construction changes
from 800 Kč/month
Favorable cooling price
(* for 60 m2)
Without setup, system
learns your habits by itself
0 g CO2
Cooling and heating from solar
Why choose GRIDEO home
Our objective is comprehensive long-term servis for the customer with maximum comfort
We design optimal combination of photovoltaic panels and central cooling unit with heat pump. Installation of the cooling unit and adaptation of cooled rooms usually takes about 2 weeks. There are minimal construction changes required in the appartments, significantly smaller than for split units. In many cases when the split units are not allowed is GRIDEO home the only way to enjoy cool summers.

GRIDEO finances whole infrastructure, appartment building contributes only to non-standard house adaptations.
We operate the infrastructure giving customers full comfort requiring no activities from their side. Neither from customers, nor from SVJ or customer collective representatives.

Cooling and heating in appartments automatically adjusts to habits of its residents. There is no need for complicated thermostat adjustments. Every time you feel the room temperature should be different, you just select its increase or decrease. That's it. System learns over time and it will automatically set the right temperature in the future according to your expectations.

Energy consumption is continuously monitored and analyzed by the GRIDEO system. You will receive regular quarterly billing accompanied by recommendations for further savings. This way you gain the possibility to manage your final energy bill already during the year.
Solar energy is an ideal source for cooling and heating production. Your overall annual payment will be lower that when using split unit. Furthermore, if you wish, you do not have to pay anything up front, but can pay it back over the lifetime of the infrastructure. Finally, everybody can afford the resulting cooling costs.
Frequently asked questions
Should you have further questions, contact us please using web form or call us
Split units are not allowed, can GRIDEO home solve this issue?
Yes! GRIDEO home is located on the roof-top together with optional photovoltaic panels. Whole infrastructure is enclosed in architecturally balanced casing. There will be no disruptive elements visible originating from the energy solution.
Investments into cooling are too expensive, many people in the appartment building cannot afford it.
GRIDEO home is a financially benefitial solution. Complete central cooling infrastructure and standard house adjustments are financed by GRIDEO. SVJ contributes for above standard house adjustments caused by house in question specifics. There does not have to be an upfront payment if the customer chooses to, costs of in-appartment infrastructure can be paid back over time.

Cooling even in smaller appartments is now available for everybody!
Cooling and heating setup is confusing, I want to avoid sudden signifficant changes in room temperature.
Comfort in rooms in continuously monitored by unique GRIDEO sensor module. Ongoing measurements allow the system to gradually learn the habits of appartment residents and adjust the temperatures ahead of their arrival to have comfort you like.

Sensors help not only with setting the right temperature, but also with air monitoring (CO2) or room security when you are not at home.

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